Low frequencies in the overall sound balance create vivid sensations that cause internal vibrations in the body, a sense of inspiration. Strong bass is especially important for lovers of modern music of various genres, including electronic. There are several simple tricks that will allow you to fully reveal the bass in musical works and help to fully use the potential of the headphones.

Increase Bass in Headphones Guide

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Using a quality source

If the equipment for listening to low-quality sounds, then no matter how you increase the bass, it will not get better.

This is in this case both the headphones themselves and the equipment reproducing the device.

A good sound card capable of processing sounds with high quality should be installed on a computer, laptop.

Speaking about smartphones or tablets, you should not expect that even by connecting high-quality headphones to them, you can get a really worthwhile sound. The power of these mobile devices is insufficient, and the built-in digital-to-analog converters are too simple.

It is advisable for music lovers to use music players – portable devices that specialize only in the task of reproducing sound. Here you can enhance the bass in the headphones, fully use the equalizer, etc.

Low-grade accessories are not able to give out strong bass. It is pointless for a person who wants to enjoy a good sound to skimp on the issue of buying equipment – cheap headphones will bring one disappointment.

On sale you can find manufacturers from the world famous to the seediest. The buyer should approach the choice carefully, evaluate the model in the store before buying, check the level of low frequencies, evaluate the bass with different equalizer settings.

Using these devices will allow you to listen to clean and strong sound. This option is ideal for smartphones: the sound to the headphones passes through the amplifier, improving and enriching. So it’s realistic to use the full potential of the headphones, to enjoy the high-quality bass and music.

Attention is also paid to the quality of the music itself: works must have a high bitrate: streaming data transfer rate; the higher this value, the richer the reproduced sound and bass will be.

Headphone Heating

Not all music lovers know about this method of increasing bass and the quality of reproduced music. The essence of the procedure is to work the accessory at maximum volume for a certain time. However, this process has its own characteristic features, without considering which, headphones can simply be ruined.

The signal from the device enters a special membrane that emits the appropriate vibrations. Then they are processed and converted into sound from the speakers.

The membranes are made of thin and elastic, but at the same time solid materials that are recommended to be developed. It is for this purpose that warming up serves.

Special sounds are used: “pink noise” makes it warm up efficiently and safely, using all sound frequencies of different amplitudes. The volume is set to maximum or close to maximum.

Of course, you can warm up with ordinary music, but then you need to increase the volume gradually and turn on dynamic tracks. But in this case, the sound balancing will have to wait a long time, it is better to download pink noise on the network.

Speaking about the duration of heating, it depends on the area of ​​the membrane and the quality of sound-reproducing equipment. It is believed that the usual earplugs need to be developed 12 hours, of average quality – up to a day. Expensive full-size models include 48 hours, and sometimes more.

But after this procedure, you can expect a truly high-quality sound and deep bass; even a layman will notice the difference.

However, not all types of headphone models show heating:

  • The procedure is necessary for dynamic headphones;
  • But pointless on reinforcing models. It uses a different technology, the sound itself is different. There is simply nothing to develop.

After warming up, the headphones must be used. If you do not touch the developed model for a long time (a couple of weeks), the sound will change, it will become worse. Will have to carry out warming up again, but less time – 40-60 minutes.

Work with Equalizer

This is the most obvious method of increasing the bass in the headphones, suitable for any technical device that has an equalizer (smartphones, players, computer equipment).

On devices with Mac OS, iOS or Android, you can download the corresponding application, and on Windows – a program that allows you to make high-quality settings.

  • Connect the headphones to the device through the appropriate input or Bluetooth connection.
  • Go to settings (application or program), open the equalizer. Also this option can be found in the sound card software (Realtek, etc.).
  • Select the desired preset from the available settings, usually broken down into musical styles. Depending on the specific set, the ratio and magnitude of sound frequencies, tones differ.

You can perform manual tuning. To increase bass, frequencies below 1000 Hz (1 kHz) will be required, especially in the range of 20-200 Hz. The strength of the frequencies can be changed using the sliders. Bass sounds will become brighter if you increase the value of a pair of extreme frequency slices.

It is important to find a balance: too strong low frequencies will suppress other sounds, a melody sounds distorted. It is believed that increasing a specific value by 3-5 dB can balance the sound and harmoniously increase the bass, but the main thing in this matter is your own preferences.

There are secrets on the issue of tuning a good bass that ordinary people don’t know about. In this article, we talked about important ways to create powerful low frequencies in our headphones; using them will allow you to enjoy listening even more.