If you don’t have the right pair of headsets for your PSVR, then you are missing the real immersive gaming experience. Although the latest version of the PS4 VR comes with integrated headphones, these are not exactly the best quality PSVR headphones if you want a full immersion experience.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Right Headphones for PSVR

Before you make your final decision and regret your decision later, make sure you know some crucial factors to get the PSVR headphones or earbuds according to your budget and needs.

Earbuds VS Headphones

We did research and reviewed some of the best wireless earbuds, headphones, and earphones to connect with PSVR. In our results, we found that although wireless earbuds for PSVR can be a good option, they lack in providing the real Virtual Reality experience.

It is for sure that earbuds cannot match the sound quality of a headphone when it comes to VR. However, if entirely depends upon the level of preference and comfortability whether to go for earbuds or headphones.

Over-Ear VS On-Ear

If we talk about sound quality, then there is not much difference. However, over-ear headphones block more noise as compared to the on-ear headphones. Therefore, for immersive sound experience with your PSVR, we highly recommend going with over-ear headphones.

Wired VS Wireless

Wireless gaming headphones can be a good option if you connect them with PC or any gaming console. However, for PlayStation VR, wired headphones provide rich 3D audio experience as compared to wireless headsets.

We do not say that wireless headphones are bad to go with, but you might experience less virtual experience. To overcome this problem, many wireless headphones come with 3.5mm jack to connect the wire. You can easily connect these headphones with your PSVR for true virtual sound.

Wire Length

The length of the wire determines the quality of the sound on the other end. The shorter the wire, the better is the sound quality. For PlayStation VR, always choose headphones with a shorter wire length.

Sound Quality

The first and the last thing that matters in buying a headphone for your PSVR is the HD sound quality. Now it is a bit difficult for beginners to know about the sound quality of a headphone without using it.

You can check out the reviews on big eCommerce websites like Amazon and eBay for getting an idea. Or you can go to a nearby electronics store and test the headphones personally before buying them for PSVR.


Although the presence of a mic and nothing to do with PSVR stuff. However, almost every PSVR headset is equipped with a built-in mic to record your voice while playing games.

That is why we have made a list of the best PSVR headphones that you can find compatible with the viewfinder.

Top 4 Best Headphones For PSVR to Buy

If you are looking to upgrade your PSVR with the best headphones, then here are some of our top picks.

1. Gold Wireless Headset | Best Overall Headset for PSVR

best headphones for PSVR

The first headphones on our list are the PlayStation officers: Gaming Headset Gold Wireless (PS4). These wireless headphones incorporate a 3.5mm cable thanks to which they can be used without problems with PlayStation VR and mobile devices.

Gaming Headset Gold is the favorite of players worldwide mainly for the sound quality and for its greater comfort.

Its 7.1 high fidelity virtual surround sound intensifies the experience in PS4 games much more and allows you to listen to absolutely everything, making them undoubtedly one of the best PSVR headphones available on the market.

Its new and elegant design, which makes it more durable, includes earpads that cover the ear so that they are even more comfortable in long game sessions and are also breathable.

The new Gold Wireless Headset has two microphones hidden in the right handset, which also have noise cancellation technology, allowing communication with teammates to be clearer, thus avoiding the inconvenience of the previous version in which it was filtered with Easy external noise.

They also continue to have integrated microphone volume and mute controls to easily adjust settings while playing.

In addition, you can download the additional App of the headphones on your PS4 with which you can load specific audio modes developed by the developers to improve the experience in your games with these headphones for PSVR.

2. Turtle Beach Stealth 350VR | Best Over-Ear Headphone for PlayStation VR

Overear headsets for Playstation VR

The Stealth 350 VR is the headphones designed by Turtle Beach specifically for virtual reality as they take into account the important role of sound in these games.

They have 50mm neodymium speakers that guarantee a wide sound experience with crystal clear lenses, whose amplifier has a battery that turns on and off in the left earphone, capable of offering a range of up to 30 hours of use although it will run out quickly if you do not turn off the amplifier when you stop playing.

The headphones have padded fabric pads that ensure a perfect and breathable fit, making them lightweight and very comfortable.

The bass booster is variable and the microphone, which has noise cancellation technology, can be easily separated when not in use. In addition, the microphone monitor will allow you to hear your own voice in the headphones.

It also includes easily interchangeable cables for PSVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation 4. Its design also incorporates a special channel in the headband that provides enough space for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive cables.

3. Bionik Mantis | Most Compatible Headphone for PSVR

Highly Recommended Headset for PSVR

One of the most original and simple headphones for PlayStation VR is the Mantis VR, created by Bionik. These are two headphones, with a fairly lightweight, which can be attached to each side of the viewfinder by means of clips.

Its installation and removal is very easy and, once placed, can be adjusted to achieve greater comfort or turn them around, this being very useful if you need to communicate with someone from the “real world”.

Some people may see in the bulky headphones an uncomfortable and unnecessary way to add weight to their head, so Mantis VR provides them with an ideal solution for that problem.

On the other hand, the comfort and ease of use achieved with the Mantis VR design have a drawback: a total blockage of external sound can not be achieved since the headphones do not fully cover the ears. However, such an inconvenience could cease to be if it was important for you to get an idea of ​​what is happening around you.

The sound quality, despite the circumstances, is very good. Although it is still far from reaching the quality of high-end headphones, its price makes them a very practical and cost-effective option.

4. Plantronics RIG | Most Reliable Headphone to Play Games on PSVR

best headphone for playing games on PSVR

Another of the best headphones for PSVR is the Plantronics RIG 4VR, which is officially licensed.

The oval design of the helmet allows it to be easily adjusted while using VR visors. However, the earmuffs have a unique oval shape and are somewhat smaller than usual, and can be annoying for users with large ears.

The left earphone has a removable microphone and thanks to the cables connected to the back you can connect PlayStation VR without problems. In addition, RIG 4VR can be easily configured to work with PS4, other console controls, PC / Mac, and mobile devices because the cables are quick disconnect.

The comfortable headphones have been designed with ventilation, which achieves greater heat dissipation. In turn, this prevents external noise from being completely blocked since it allows partial input of ambient sound, although a good immersion dose is still achieved.

The headphones have 40mm drivers with a low-frequency resonance that seeks to improve the bass while maintaining the accuracy of the sounds.

The microphone, with noise cancellation, folds to mute and is removable, thus achieving surround stereo sound and an unusually crisp chat.

They have an elegant design and have a lightweight, which is quite important, especially for prolonged use.

So these were the some of best and PSVR compatible headset that we discussed above and we will update our list with the latest information time by time.


Can you use any headphones for PSVR?

No, any wired stereo headphones or wired earbuds can bolster the 3D sound. Stereo headphones are incorporated with PSVR, yet you can likewise utilize your favored sound headsets in the event that they include a standard 3.5mm male connector.

Does ps4 VR have headphones?

The Playstation VR is intended to give pre-handled 3D sound like a feature of the full VR experience. PSVR sound, as indicated by Playstation.

How do you connect headphones to PSVR?

Below we have shared a detailed video you can watch.

Can I use PSVR without TV?

Only Cinematic Mode can be utilized without a TV.

Can you connect 2 VR headsets to ps4?

The answer is no, Include the additional intricacy that is VR and attempting to get PS4.

Will PSVR work on ps5?

At the moment, Currently PSVR headsets able to work with the PS5.

Do you need two Move controllers for PSVR?

Numerous PSVR games give you a choice to upgrade your experience using two PlayStation Move motion controllers.

What’s needed for PSVR?

  • PlayStation Move Controller x2
  • PlayStation Camera
  • The PlayStation VR bundle
  • And, the PlayStation 4/PlayStation 4 Pro

What PSVR games need Move controllers?

  • Tumble VR
  • Star Trek
  • Rez Infinite
  • Until Dawn