Wireless earbuds are great for listening to your favorite music but can we use them for phone calls? Are earbuds a good option to make hour long conference calls? We did some research to find out the best wireless earbuds for talking on the phone.

If you are looking for the best earbuds for phone calls, you have to keep few things in mind. For making conference calls, wireless earbuds should have longer battery life, comfortable earpiece and noise cancellation microphone.

Earbuds with noise cancellation have been trending in the market lately. Noise cancellation is a great feature to look out for in earbuds if you are making calls in noisy places. However, with these high-end features, you have to throw more cash on the table.

You may want to look out for the IPX4 rating to make sure your earbuds are water-resistant while you make phone calls. This is especially important if you are buying them to talk on the phone while running or exercising.

best wireless earbuds for phone calls in 2020
Best wireless earbuds for phone calls

Wireless Earbuds for Phone Calls

Most wireless earbuds for phone calls include long life battery, unique designs and portable charging cases. These portable charging cases are becoming necessary because they give extra battery life to your earbuds while not in use.

The backup time for these AirPods is 4.5 hours (continuously) with the noise cancellation feature on. Or you get a battery life of 5 hours (continuously) if the noise cancellation feature is turned off. However, the power bank of this AirPods holds the battery backup of up to 19 hours which means that you can charge the AirPods for a number of times.

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Here is our quick pick – easy find without the detail – table…

Top 5 Best Wireless Earbuds For Phone Calls

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1. Apple AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro are sweat and water resistant for non- water sports and exercise. AirPods Pro were tested under controlled laboratory conditions, and have a rating of IPX4 under IEC standard 60529.


AirPods Pro with Wireless Charging Case: More than 24 hours listening time, up to 11 hours talk time. Dual beamforming microphones, Dual optical sensors, Motion-detecting accelerometer, Speech-detecting accelerometer.

  • Active noise cancellation for immersive sound
  • Three sizes of soft, tapered silicone tips for a customizable fit
  • Quick access to Siri by saying “Hey Siri”
  • Siri may not not available in all languages

2. Jabra Elite 85h | Best Bluetooth Headset for Calls in Noisy Environment

Jabra Elite 85h is one of the best wireless headphones to connect with your TV or android phone. This features the advantage of noise cancellation which makes the sound quality better as well as smooth-ens the flow of the audio track. It is specially designed for the best wireless calls and music. However, some of the features which it provides are listed below:


First of all, it provides ANC (Active Noise cancellation) and in this way, it helps the user to avoid the cancellation of all the unwanted background sounds. One of the other features includes the long life of battery timing as it provides the battery backup of 36 hours on a single charge while the ANC is active.

The charging of these earbuds is also very efficient as it provides a battery of 5 hours on the charge of 15 minutes. However, it also comes with the variation in 5 unique colors with elegant design. 

  • Noise cancellation feature.
  • Dynamic sound quality.
  • Best battery life.
  • Power button is absent.
  • May not fit people with large heads
  • Cloth surface is dust collecting

3. Anker Liberty Air 2 | Best Wireless Earbuds under $100 for Making Long Hour Calls

The Anker Liberty Air 2 is the latest manufacturing of Anker which is the updated model of the Liberty Air 1. It comes with the power bank for battery backup whereas this helps you to charge the earbuds anywhere and anytime without any electric source. It features a lot of facts whereas some of the features are written below:


It comes with the diamond quoted drivers which increase the frequency of the sound by 15% and enhances the quality of the sound. Through this, it also doubles the sound bass of the earbuds. The smaller size of the earpiece makes these wireless earbuds to easily fit in small ear canals.

It is a complete calling earbud and contains 4 microphones that reduce the background unwanted noises. Talking about the battery, the battery timing of these amazing earbuds is 7 hours continuous playtime on a single charge whereas it carries the backup 28 hours in charging case.

It can be connected to android or iOS as well as Laptops whereas it contains Bluetooth 5.0 for connecting fast, reliable, and for a better stable connection. It only comes in black color which is very amazing in look. 

  • Looks good
  • Best storage and charge case
  • Nice battery power
  • Unsatisfactory performance
  • Charging time is very long
  • Not comfortable to wear

4. Jabra Elite 75t | The Best Sports Wireless Earbuds For Cell Phone

This is also manufactured from Jabra Technologies which provides the best sound products. The Elite 75t contains a comfortable and hard grip for ears which makes it the best headphones for conference calls and to use while traveling.

It is also made for music and calls as it provides the features of a long battery, amazing bass as well as microphone facility for stable calling. Some of the features of this earbuds are written below:


Talking about the design of earbuds, they are diamond shape earbuds which are very small in size. As it is a calling earbud so it contains 4 microphone technologies for better sound quality. This reduces background sound to make the flow of a person’s voice only.

The battery of this Jabra’s earbuds is also very long as it contains the charging backup of 7.5 hours on a single charge if it is played continuously. Moreover, it also comes with the small power bank which contains the battery backup of 28 hours thus you can charge the earbuds for 4 times in a single charged power bank. 

However, the Jabra Company is also offering a 2-year warranty to the customer’s satisfaction. It is the updated version of Jabra 65t but it has updated all the bugs of the previous version while all the features are upgraded. Lastly, these are ideal sports wireless earbuds that will last for years on rough use.

  • Small and handy
  • Comfortable for wearing
  • Good battery life
  • Connection strength is not good enough
  • Sound quality is not very nice
  • Control buttons cause suctions

5. Plantronics BackBeat Pro 5100 | Durable Earbuds for Audio & Video Calling

The backbeat Pro 5100 is a professional earbud which is manufactured by the Plantronics. These earbuds are one of the best earbuds for talking on the phone because of the features it provides. Its design is very amazing as it is very little in size thus it gets fixed in the ear in a very comfortable way. It features a lot of advantages amongst which some are listed below:


First of all, it gives the advantage of noise cancellation which makes the sound clear and smooth because it cancels all the unwanted background sounds which are not required. The volume of the sound is very loud with extra bass whereas it gives a suitable frequency.

Along with the noise cancellation, it also features the isolating design for filters. The battery timing of this little earbuds is also efficient and gives the battery life of 6.5 hours on a single charge. However, the power bank helps you to take the backup battery of up to 13 hours which means that you can charge the earbuds twice from the power bank.

It is connectable to all the devices including android, iOS, and laptops. It also features tap control which allows you to control the sound and playlist through sensors on the earbuds without including the device.

Moreover, it is waterproof and sweats proof earbuds which helps you to use the earbuds in raining also. The charging time of these earbuds is very amazing as it can be charged in 3 hours including earbuds and power banks whereas it also features the battery of 1 hour on the charging of 10 minutes. 

  • Good sound quality
  • Fit very well
  • Comfortable even when worn for many hours
  • Audiovisual lag happens.
  • Lack of active noise cancellation.
  • Bad charging case.

6. Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro | Best Earbuds for Calling & Running

This is a truly wireless earphone which is the successor of Liberty 1 and this series is manufactured by Anker, which is a very popular electronics company. It contains an 11 mm dynamics driver which helps to make the quality of sound better than other earbuds. Some of the features of this earbuds are discussed below:


It contains an depth filter which makes the bass of the earbuds very amazing and in this way, the in-studio studio performance gets more enhanced. It is designed for music and calls and; this earbud contains 4 microphones that make the recording voice better and without any unwanted background sound. Moreover, it comes in black color only and the shape of these earbuds is very little.

Talking about the battery of these earbuds, we can see that these little earbuds provide the battery life of 8 hours of continuously playing while the charging case provides the battery backup of 24 hours which means that you can get your earbuds charged for 3 times.

In this way, you can take these earbuds anywhere and anytime while traveling, during gym time, or while running. For customer satisfaction, the company is also providing the warranty for 18 months with free exchange. The most important fact about these earbuds is that it provides a battery of 2 hours on the charging of 10 minutes only. In this way, you can use these earbuds for fast charging. 

  • Great sound quality
  • It has USB-C charging
  • Easy to use
  • Issues with Bluetooth.
  • No active noise cancellation
  • Large charging case

6. Bose Noise Cancelling 700 | Highly Recommended Bluetooth Headphones for Calls

This is an innovation from Bose which makes sound products. The noise-canceling headphones 700  is one of the best wireless headphones for making calls on your cell phone because of the features it provides. It is a noise-canceling headphone that helps to reduce the unwanted background sound. According to the company, this headphone is specially designed for music and calls. However, some of its amazing features are discussed below:


As it is a call and music headphone so the noise cancellation benefits to hear your favorite music without any background noise. It is made up of high quality of stainless steel which increases the grace of the headphone. The major advantage of this headphone is that it has a comfortable and hard grip which makes it easy to wear the headphone while you are traveling or going for running. 

It is commendable to both android and iOS through an app that is used to make the stabilization and modification in sound quality. It comes with 20 hours of battery which is amazing because you can take it anywhere and anytime. This can be charged in 3.5 hours which is fast obviously.

Another amazing fact about this headphone is that it contains fat charging features through which you can get 3.5 hours of battery with the charging of just 15 minutes. This means that you can charge it quickly to use it when you going outside. 

  • Amazing noise cancellation feature
  • Great experience with voice calls
  • Two devices can connect to it at the same time
  • Not light
  • Not a comfortable usage
  • Not budget friendly

How We Tested?

So we tested almost 15 different most bought wireless earbuds in the market. Out of those 15 earbuds, only 9 made it to our list of top-rated phone call earbuds. We gave these earbuds a tough time to show their true performance.

Our tests included:

  • Water-Resistance Test
  • Battery Test
  • Comfortability Test
  • Mic Test for Making Phone Calls

People Using Earbuds for Phone Calls Ratio By Countries

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Best Phone Calls Earbuds Video Review

The Verdict

So these were some of the best earbuds to talk on the phone if you have any questions you can ask in the comment box. In the meantime, check out the answers to frequently asked questions related to wireless earbud below.



It has a built-in microphone so yes, you can make and receive phone calls through air pods very conveniently. It is not a difficult procedure if it is understood well enough.


The reason why you cannot hear phone calls on your air pods is because of how the settings are. Just go to your phone’s settings then Bluetooth and tap the icon besides air pods and click forget this device. Your problem will be solved.


Wireless earbuds are indeed good for phone calls either for android or for IOS. They enable you to talk easily without having to worry about wires.


Pair your headset with any type of phone that you have such as android or IOS and you will be able to make and receive calls through your Bluetooth headset easily.


There is a button along with the up and down volume keys on every earphone. Just press that button to accept a call and enjoy a hands-free conversation. Simply press the same button again to end the call.


Go to settings and turn on your Bluetooth and headset detection. After that, connect with your headset and answer calls with ease.


Choose the phone option on your mobile when you are connected to your Bluetooth device or wireless earbuds, then go to settings and turn off automatic answering.


The top preference of people when choosing earphones for calling is Sony MDRXB50AP. You can buy it if you are someone who makes or receives call very often and want good quality.


Samsung galaxy buds are great for regular use and hours of listening things. They fit very nicely and the sound quality is also great.


Samsung earbuds are amazing for android users and talking on the phone because they are of great quality and can be worn for several hours with comfort. Your earbuds will vibrate or emit some sound when a call is incoming.