Do you want to know how to get earbuds to stay in?

Are your earbuds constantly falling and interrupting your activity? Worry no more. This is a common problem for daily wearers. True wireless earbuds are the new innovation and over time are replacing the over ear headphones that are bulky and hefty in size.

Most people are avid users of earbuds and keep them on while working, jogging, walking or exercising. However, the falling of earbuds can be irritating. If you use wireless earbuds, you will always be worried if one gets lost.  So, this article is purely

designed for the people who are facing this problem and looking for a solution. This post will walk you through the various options available for dealing with this issue. But first, let’s shed some light on how to put on the earbuds properly. So now, without further ado, let’s get going!

How to keep Earbuds from falling

First and foremost, you need to become accustomed to using your earbuds. You need to be aware of how to properly insert the earbuds into your ear so that you do not damage either the product or your organ in the process.

Many users who aren’t educated about the correct way to use the earbuds often wind up forcing the earbuds into their ears. With this technique, there is no guarantee that your earphones will be properly secured, and they may end up falling out.

So, in order to keep earbuds from falling and make sure you are wearing them the right way, follow these steps to insert your earbuds…

  • For instance, when you want to insert the left earbud into the left ear, you should reach over your head with your right hand. After that, grip the top of the earlobe of the left ear. You can access more of the ear canal if you lift it up ever so slightly.
  • You may use the other hand to adjust it according to your comfort.
  • Put your earbuds in your ear canal using your left hand, and play some music. Put your earlobe back in place.
  • When the earlobe is in the correct position, it should securely grasp your earbuds.

How to Get Your Earbuds to Stay In

If you’re getting frustrated because your earbuds continue to fall out of your ears, then give the aforementioned solutions a shot. They will remedy the situation for you.

Choose the right Ear Tip for your ear

If you really want your earbuds to stay in you should choose the right ear tips as this is one of the crucial steps. If none of the ear tips that come with your earbuds is comfortable for you to use, you might test several alternatives that are sold separately. The different types of ear tips include silicone ear tips, foam tips and memory foam ear tips.

It’s possible for different people to have ear canals of varying sizes. For instance, they may require small ear tips for the left ear and medium ear tips for the right ear in order to properly fit their hearing aids.

So, if you are looking for a way to find if this earbud is right for you, then you should notice the following factors.

  • Hear weak bass? Then it’s not right. Bass is the best factor that can help you determine if it’s a good fit for you.
  • When you put earphones in your ears, you should immediately feel a significant decrease in the amount of background noise.

Try Earbuds of Different Sizes

If your current pair are ill fitting earbuds is not working out for you, then you can try by replacing it with other earbuds of different sizes that include silicone ear tips and foam tips.

The manufacturer includes several different-sized replacement earpieces in practically every package of earbuds that use silicone or foam earpieces. These earpieces can be swapped out as needed. The smallest possible size is very small, and the largest possible size is very enormous.

The earpiece can be removed quickly and replaced with one of the appropriate dimensions by simply pulling it off.

Invest in Stability Enhancing Accessories

You have tried every size of the earbud, and still, it fails to stay intact, so, in this case, you might get help from other accessories that are specially designed for such circumstances.

You might also try looking for earphones that are designed specifically for small ears if you have unusually small ear canals. There are times when your old earbuds just won’t do. On the other hand, there are devices on the market designed to be used with headphones that already exist.

So, if you are considering purchasing a replacement for your earbuds, then the below-mentioned accessories can come in handy.

Ear hooks

Ear hooks are one of the best options you can go for, and they can easily be moulded in any shape according to the size of your ear. Many earbuds packages come with silicone ear hooks. If your earbuds package comprises this piece, then you can surely give it a try.

In most cases, they consist of a piece of malleable silicone that can be moulded to fit your ears. Ear hooks are also sold separately as an aftermarket device, which can be purchased.

Ear Wings

Ear wings are similar to hooks, except that they are located within the ear rather than on the outside. Many people think that these are ear hooks while, in fact, they are not.

The wing shape is used in a lot of true wireless earbuds and sport-oriented headphones.

Invest in small-size earbuds

Have you tried everything and Nothing is driving results in keeping intact your wireless earbuds from falling? Even changing the ear tips isn’t helping, so it’s about time you hunt for the earbuds for small ear sizes.

It’s quite clear if nothing is working, you might have a small ear canal. In this scenario, you might want to look into purchasing earbuds that are sized appropriately for people with smaller ears. It’s more common for women to have ears that are smaller than average, which might make it difficult for earbuds to go all the way down into the ear canal.

There is a wide selection of earbuds available for purchase, and many of them feature attachments that are particularly petite. Many of these earbuds are even marketed specifically toward women.

Keep Your Ear Canal Free From Sweat

It’s possible that sweat is getting into your ears if you find that your earbuds are falling out when you’re working out. Put on a headband that will absorb the sweat and keep it away from your ears to do this.

A fleece ear protector is useful in cooler weather since it may keep your headphones in place, prevent moisture from getting in, and still let body heat escape through the crown of your head.

People whose earphones fall out frequently, particularly when exercising, will find sweat-proof earbuds are a game-changer for their situation. Because these headphones are not made entirely of plastic like AirPods and other headphones of a similar design, they have a lower propensity to fall out of your ears when you sweat.

Furthermore, if you strictly wear earbuds during exercise or walking in hot and humid weather, you can make them slip from your ears with your sweat.

Why Do Your Earbuds Keep Falling out?

Even while earbuds and IEMs are designed to fit securely into your ear canals, there are still going to be times when you find that they are constantly falling out. The following is a list of some of the most widespread explanations for why:

Probably You are Wearing Wrong

The fact that your earbuds constantly falling out may be down to nothing more than the fact that you’re not wearing them correctly.

If you put the wrong earbud in the wrong ear, you will probably find that the earbuds fall out of your ears. This is because the majority of earbuds are created and shaped particularly to fit either the left or the right ear.

If you are inserting them too deeply, the ear canal may not be able to fit the headphones, and even a minor movement, such as opening your jaw to speak, may cause the headphones to fall out of your ears.

Your Ears Might Be Closer to your Jaw

Let’s not dive in deeper about the ear anatomy, just for your knowledge our jaws are connected to the temporal bones in the skull. TMJ also known as temporomandibular joints are located the in the skull.

So, the closer your ear is to your jaw, the near they are to TMJ. This indicates that simple and normal activities such as talking, chewing and eating can alter the size of your ear canal. This activity can make your earbuds loose their grip and hence they may end up falling from your ears.

Unique Ear Size

We have already discussed how the size of your ear can affect the fitting of your earbuds. Due to the fact that everyone’s ears are a unique shape and size, it is quite challenging to find a single pair of earbuds that can accommodate everyone.

Your outer ear, which is made up of the cartilage and skin that directs soundwaves into your ear canal, may have a tragus and antitragus that are larger or smaller than average, as well as an ear canal aperture that is either wider or narrower or even a concha that is more prominent.

Ear Cartilage Deficiency

There are occasions when persons do not possess the necessary antitragus cartilage to support earphones. People with ears that are too tiny to adequately accommodate ordinary headphones are also included in this category.

There are numerous variations of the condition known as cartilage deficient syndrome. Some people have outer ears that are uniquely shaped, while others have a narrow ear canal or, in some circumstances, none at all. Still, others do not have ear canals at all.

According to the observations of one user of headphones, the absence of this cartilage makes it much simpler for your earphones to fall out, which can have a negative impact on your day-to-day existence.

Presence Of Ear Wax or Sweat

It’s a natural process where ear wax gets developed into your ear canal to protect it from impurities and other debris.

When the wax is warm, it can become quite slippery. In addition, the majority of earbuds force wax further into the ear canal, which means that you will need to clean your ears more frequently.

Earbuds, naturally, fall under the same category. They perform the same function as cotton swabs, taking up wax and drawing dirt at the same time.

What’s the importance of Good Earbuds fit?

Comfort comes above all the factors. We can admit to the fact that the right earbuds play a vital role in providing the best sound quality and fit properly.

As you know, it is essential to purchasing earbuds that provide a secure, comfortable, and ergonomically sound fit in your ear canal. It is vital to do this so that your earbuds do not fall out, but doing so is also helpful for the following reasons.

Improved Sound quality

If your earphones fit properly, you will be able to enjoy a more immersive audio experience. Your audio will not be disrupted by excessive feedback or other noises from the environment, and the bass will be deeper.

Comfortable Grip

Because your ear canal is so sensitive, using earbuds for extended periods of time can eventually cause discomfort for you. Therefore, it is essential to acquire the proper pair of wired or wireless earbuds that not only offer the highest possible music quality but also ensure the wearer’s comfort while the device is being used.

A well-fitting pair of headphones will not cause discomfort even after you have worn them continuously for several hours, nor will they cause discomfort when you use them again the following day.

Additional Tips to Prevent earbuds from falling

Follow these tips and watch how your wireless earbuds fit you perfectly.

  • Read the instruction properly that is included in your headphone set or earbuds. Make sure you are wearing the earbud appropriately and in the most ergonomic way for your ears.
  • Make sure that the earphone tips come in various sizes before placing your order for headphones. Because there is no standard size for ear canals, you will need to select the most comfortable model for you to wear in your ear.
  • If you use cotton swabs to clean your ears, you may push earwax deeper into your ear canal, which can lead to a buildup that prevents your earbuds from fitting properly in your ear.
  • Wearing ear warmers over your earphones is a simple trick that can come in handy if you go for a run in the cold. Wireless headphones make this much simpler, and if the ear warmer isn’t too tight, it can even be comfortable.

Wrap up

It’s a wrap. So, we have all witnessed how one can easily cope with the issue of earbuds falling. This article is your solution to all the earbuds issues, what to wear, how to wear and how ear warmers can protect your ear.

Furthermore, when you intend to purchase legit and true wireless earbuds, make sure the package comes with memory foam tips and silicone ear tips. In addition, during the winter season, wear ear warmers.

If you make sure that your ears are clean and that you are wearing the headphones that are designed for your particular ear type, then you shouldn’t have any problems with your earbuds falling out.