Over the ear headphones have been rocking the gaming industry for years. However, with the arrival of wireless gaming earbuds, the future of bulky gaming headsets looks bleak. Gaming earbuds are smaller, handy, and easy to fit inside your ear canal for long hours. Moreover, true wireless earbuds for gaming come with longer battery life and noise cancellation for the immersive gaming experience.

In this buying guide, we will compare some of the top-rated wireless gaming earbuds in the industry.

Best True Wireless Earbuds For Gaming in 2021
Best True Wireless Earbuds For Gaming in 2020

What Factors to Consider While Buying Wireless Earbuds for Gaming

First of all, you have to keep in mind that there is huge difference between the gaming and music wireless earbuds. So you have to keep in mind several factors before buying the gaming earbuds for your budget.

Technical Factors


Make sure the gaming earbuds that you are buying fall between the 20HZ and 20KHZ range. This is the audible range of human ear, so you definitely don’t want to go for anything that falls over that range. Even the sounds that are involved in the gaming are under the specified frequency, so it is worth looking at the specifications.

Profile of Sound

The sound profile lets you differentiate between the treble and bass of the audio. Look out for the balanced ratio between both the bass and treble while choosing gaming earbuds.

Noise Cancellation

Definitely the main reason behind buying the wireless gaming earbuds is the noise cancellation. The gaming earbuds with silicone ear tips block most of the external noise, so it worth considering this factor when buying your new gaming buds. Moreover, wireless gaming earbuds come with active noise cancellation mic to cut unnecessary noise in the background.


You might be thinking why we have mentioned something that has nothing to do with earbuds. But this is something that most people skip while buying the gaming earbuds. A true wireless gaming earbud comes with drivers that convert the electronic signal into audio. Therefore, the higher the number of drivers, the more clear is the sound.


As you higher the impedance, the better is the sound quality. Always choose the wireless earbuds with higher impedance. If you are looking for high bass wireless earbuds, then look for 9 Ohm impedance earbuds.

Compare the sound of wireless with the source of the sound. For example, if you listening to a high bass song with almost no bass, then there is mismatch between the impedance. Therefore, the impedance of the source also matters in this case.

Other Factors


The design of the earbuds decides the level of comfort ability that comes with them. Gaming earbuds with the ergonomic design are good for immersive sound experience. Push design is good for gaming as well as talking on the phone. Earbuds with small designs that easily fit in ear canals are good for bass.


The earbuds that you will choose for gaming must be compatible with multiple platforms. Apple AirPods are compatible with many android devices. Moreover, check out that the earbuds are compatible with gaming consoles like PS3, PS4, Xbox One, etc.


Most of the gaming wireless earbuds come with at least one year of warranty. This is the case with many famous brands that we have listed in this guide as well. However, if you are choosing any third party earbuds, make sure there is some kind of warranty that you can claim if something goes wrong.

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Here’s our 5 best picks when it comes to finding the top-rated true wireless earbuds for gaming in complete details.

The Best True Wireless Gaming Earbuds You Can Buy

1. Panasonic Ergo Fit Earbuds

Panasonic Ergo Fit Earbuds are one of the best gaming Earbuds available in the market. They have a smart and attractive outlook. Its features make it best for PS4 games as well as for the best PC games.


Panasonic Ergo Fit Earbuds’ outlook seems smooth and silky. It displays a long wire with a gentle touch. It adds to its beauty and working too. 

Its transducer is dynamic that’s why it gives sound effects during gaming. This feature is really helpful. It has given it a sound balancing tendency to carry games.

It goes in-ear that’s why they say it best gaming Earbuds. They give a smooth feeling while going in-ear. Their gentle touch is cool as it feels comfortable during games. 

Panasonic Ergo Fit Earbuds has a closed back which makes it safe during use. It avoids sound distortion as well. A person can enjoy the game as he/she found it as it is soft and gets locked in the ear. It is a safety feature. 

It is not wireless. It has a wire that’s why PC users prefer it. It is called the best PC gaming Earbuds. It is chargeable. The battery goes on and on. 

  • They are inexpensive.
  • Their sound quality is smooth and decent.
  • They are low in price.
  • They have a thin wire.
  • They get tangled quickly.

One may prefer Panasonic ergo fir Earbuds if wants to go for long-lasting and best Earbuds for games. One the other hand, if you need a wireless product, then this is not recommended. It has a wire that’s why it is not having any kind of battery to charge it. 

2. Tao Tronics Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Tao Tronics Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds are one of the popular Earbuds with noise-canceling effects as mentioned in its display name as well. It has a potent mix that is supportive during games.


Tao Tronics Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds comes over-ear. It is to cover the upper portion of the ear while using it. It has a strong grip that’s why it is the best gaming Earbuds. This is an adjustment feature. 

It has a closed back. It has to hold capacity over-ear. It is easy to adjust and then easy to hold on ears. It is safe and sound in this way. 

It has a mic too. This feature makes it potent as game players mostly use an attachment mic otherwise. It is the best gaming Earbuds with mic. 

Its transducer is dynamic. It also supports PC that’s why it is best pc gaming Earbuds. 

  • Its design is handy.
  • It is comfortable to use.
  • Its battery life is excellent
  • Its sound quality is muffled.
  • Its drivers are heavy mismatched

The very attractive features are its battery life. It is long-lasting and comfortable. If a person wants to enjoy games without extensions like wires, then this one is the best option. It has no wire. Tao Tronics Active Noise Cancelling is handy.

3. Powerbeats Pro

Powerbeats Pro is an in-ear headphone mostly preferred by sports experts. It has a slim and attractive size. Most of the people love to get it for its black matte color and smart outlook. It makes it more elegant and decent in outlook.


Powerbeats Pro has a mic which makes it be used as the best gaming Earbuds. It is used to revolutionize your tasks comfortably.

It is wireless that’s why game players love to use it. Wires are most of the time a hurdle for game players.

It has a rechargeable battery. It is long-lasting and entertaining. It is potent and compatible. 

It can be kept in-ears for long-time games. Game players recommend it as the best game Earbuds. 

Powerbeats Pro is highly safe. It is sweat and heat resistant. This quality motivates players to enjoy it and use it very comfortably for long game matches. They may continue with it for long hours.

Their ear hooks are very handy. They keep the earphone at their place. It never slips and never fell. Its adjustment is recommended. People prefer it for its adjustment feature as it adds to their game comfort zone. It is called the best Earbuds for game players. 

It comes with a tiny wireless case. This makes it look cute. 

They call it the best game wireless Earbuds. It has gained many audiences in a short time. 

  • H1 chip supports while pairing with devices
  • They are slim and smart
  • They are wireless
  • Only works with Apple devices
  • They are expensive

Powerbeats Pro is wireless and handy. This is good, in fact, best game Earbuds for pc and best game Earbuds for ps 4 games too. Its supportive features are also making it unique and comparatively handy. Its battery is rechargeable and it has less recharging time.

4. Bose Sound Sport Free Truly Wireless

Bose Sound Sport Free Truly Wireless is a beautifully designed earbud. It comes in attractive colors. It is tested and found as one of the best game Earbuds in the market. Females like it most due to beautiful color schemes.


Bose Sound Sport Free Truly Wireless is an attractive earbud that comes with a mic. It helps in playing games. People say it best Earbuds for games. 

It has a dynamic transducer. It is a great support in pc games. They say it best pc games Earbuds too. It is of additional support in this regard. 

Bose Sound Sport Free Truly Wireless can be comfortable during running as it fits in-ear at ease. It has a rubber thick coating too. It acts as a protecting sheath. 

The get wet due to sweat if continued for long hours. This is difficult as it causes a loss of time during games. better to take a break while wearing them for long hours.

Sometimes ear gets warmer if it is still there in the ear for a long time. However, this issue is negligible. Some solutions are there for it. Like one may keep on giving gaps between games. 

  • It is very comfortable
  • It has stability and fitting in the ear
  • Its sound balancing is above the mark levels
  • It has low-quality material
  • It has flaws in build quality
  • It catches humidity

Bose Sound Sport Free Truly Wireless is liked by players for its wireless feature. They say it best game Earbuds. It gets warm with time. This issue is a point to think over it for another time too. 

5. Anker Sound Core Anchor Liberty Air True

Sound Core Anchor Liberty Air Tune is a truly wireless Earbud. It has a mic. It has no noise cancellation effect but the sound quality is preferably best.

Sound Core Anchor Liberty Air True has a rounded stem to hold it on the ear. It is giving more than its first premium generation samples. It has good placement. It is adjustable too. 

It shows the outlook of it is the first generation but features of the second generation. This is why people are buying it for the best ps4 games. 

They have a lot of splashes to be used for wearing on ears. They can be replaced as accessories. This is an additional feature. 

Sound Core Anchor Liberty Air True has an in-ear fitting that is appreciable. People like them to use as best for game Earbuds. 

They are touch-sensitive that gives an edge during games. Sensors are supporting them. This adds to its features. This sensitiveness adds to the games’ passion. Players prefer it as the best game Earbuds for pc as well as ps4.

  • It has recommended battery life
  • Its sound profile is quite balanced
  • It has a great price to performance ratio
  • Its microphone gives out mediocre performance
  • It has no graphic EQ, just presets are available

Sound Core Anchor Liberty Air True is wireless earbuds. This is why it is liked by most people. This is having a long-lasting battery. This is great as game players use to enjoy it without recharging for a lot of hours. The battery is truly rechargeable. It can go for long and uninterrupted hours to continue games.