Bluetooth Headsets are wonderful! But, let’s face it: those threads are more difficult than they help. When you keep it in your purse or backpack and use it again, the threads are all tangled. And you lose a lot of time untangling everything! Or, when you go to the gym or walk/run in the street listening to your favorite music, the wires are always there, hindering some movement.

With that in mind, we have compiled this article on the best Bluetooth headset, which will free you from the hassle that wires bring and add more convenience to your life! Of course, without giving up the sound quality and beautiful design.

There are waterproof, sweat headphones with internal memory and long battery life! Check now everything you need to know to choose a good Bluetooth headset and which are the 10 best models on the market.

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How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Headset

In order not to buy a cat in a poke when choosing your Bluetooth headset, we detail below all the items that you should review before closing your purchase. So you will be sure that you will be bringing a quality product. Check out!

Battery Life

Bluetooth headsets bring more convenience to your day today, but they have a boring side effect: they need to be recharged constantly. The headphones receive electricity directly from the device to which it is connected, such as your smartphone. But Bluetooth headsets do not. They have an internal battery that, if low on power, can turn the phone off overnight, leaving you in the dark.

Therefore, when searching for your future Bluetooth headset, give preference to those with good autonomy, that is, battery life. A value between 5 and 10 hours long is a good start. But there are some models on the market that promise to deliver even 30 hours in length! More than a day! So, in this case, the higher the value, the better!

Multiple Device Compatibility

It is also important that your Bluetooth headset is compatible with a wide range of devices, such as Android phones, iOS (Apple), MP3 Players, Windows notebooks, and so on. The higher the compatibility of the headset, the better. So you are less at risk of it not working on any device you have.

This information is usually found on the device box or on the manufacturer’s website. Also, check if your phone’s operating system version is up to date. Sometimes, the Bluetooth headset is even compatible with your smartphone, but because it is not updated, it ends up not being able to pair with your device. Therefore, also see if it is possible to update the operating system of your mobile phone.

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Types of Bluetooth Headsets

Just as wired headsets come in many shapes, so are Bluetooth headsets! Each of them serves a very specific type of audience. Check out which ones are each and see which one best suits your needs.


Surely you must have seen a lawyer, entrepreneur, or executive wearing one of these on the street. This type of headset has only one piece, or audio output, and is designed more for conversations/calls than for listening to music or watching movies. Even because, with just a single sound output, the quality of the music is radically compromised.

This type of phone is very useful if you are constantly on the phone or need to be aware of what is happening around you, such as in traffic or on a busy street. After all, you don’t want to have an accident just because you didn’t hear the danger coming. Be aware that some headset models are only for calls and not for playing music.

If you want a Bluetooth headset just for that purpose, go deep, and research the various models available on the market.


This is a type of headset designed for those who like to practice physical activities. If you enjoy running on the street and performing that intense workout at the gym, you will definitely identify with the Neckband Bluetooth headphones.

It has a kind of cord or rigid plastic support that connects the two ends of the phone. This support serves to prevent the phone from falling off during the most sudden and intense movements.

Another interesting point is that most Neckbands headphones are resistant to water and sweat. So, you can use them even in the rain or without worrying about the sweat that will surely spring from your skin.

Supra-Auriculares (Headset)

Headsets, or supra-earphones, are the biggest models you can find. They wrap around the entire ear and fit the user’s head. Because they are big, it is not recommended to walk with them on the street, let alone do physical activity.

But the large size has its advantages: more comfort and better sound quality without increasing the price too much. Thus, Bluetooth headsets are the best for those looking for good sound quality without having to sell a kidney for it.

That is, if you want to enjoy your music in a quiet place or even enjoy every sound of your favorite game, this is the recommended phone. However, for physical activities, it is no longer indicated, as it can easily fall off the head.


In-ear headphones are very popular at the moment. They are small, discreet, and fit the ear canal. With this, you do not need to increase the volume of the sound much to hear your music well. In addition, the sound quality of this type of phone is quite satisfactory.

Another advantage that Bluetooth in-ear headphones bring is the reduction of external noise. That is, just put this phone on so you can hear only the music that is coming out and nothing else. But be careful not to use them in a very busy environment, as you may end up in an accident.


It is the most common type of headset. The most common and the cheapest as well. Consequently, the sound quality delivered by them is well below expectations. It fits in the ear but does not enter the ear canal, as in-ear models do.

This causes the sound to escape and you can hear more of the environment around you. So, only prefer this type of phone if the money is really short and you cannot invest in a slightly more expensive model, such as in-ear or even an in-ear.

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The bigger the driver the better it will be able to reproduce the sound. The driver size is measured in millimeters (mm). Thus, Bluetooth headsets of the type Earbuds or In-earphones usually have small drivers, measuring, on average, 8 and 10 mm. Unfortunately, making a small, good quality driver is very expensive.

In this case, the best option is to invest in a Supra-auricular headset (Headset). Its drivers can easily reach 40 mm. With that, the sound quality is benefited. And this type of headset is not much more expensive than those of smaller drivers. Therefore, it is a solution to consider.


This topic concerns the sound frequency range that the headset is capable of reproducing. The frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz). For you to have an idea, our ear can pick up sounds that are in the range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Therefore, the least that is expected from a decent phone is that it can reproduce the sounds in this sound range.

Some slightly more expensive models can reproduce tracks below 20 Hz and above 20 kHz. But what would be the advantage of this, since we will not be able to hear? The advantage is that the details of the songs are more audible, especially when we are focused.

Extra Functions

When researching your next Bluetooth headset, give preference to those that bring some extra function, that is, some additional features that others don’t. A good example is a built-in microphone. With it, you can also take calls and chat with other people.

Other more sophisticated models bring even more extra features! Samsung Bluetooth headsets, for example, understand voice commands and even finger movements over the headset. With this, you can pause music, move to the next track, answer calls, among other things without even taking your phone out of your pocket!

And some Bluetooth headsets are completely independent of smartphones. They have an internal memory that allows the storage of music inside the phone itself. So you can leave your phone at home and go out with just your headphones. So, the more extra features it offers, the better!


What weird name is that? Impedance refers to the volume that the headset can reach. The impedance is measured in Ohms. Thus, the lower the impedance, the greater the volume that the phone reaches. The volume is measured using the power of the device, which is measured in milliwatts (mW).

Impedance and volume are inversely proportional. That is, the lower the impedance, the greater the volume. I hope it was clear and easy for you to understand.

Bluetooth version

This is another important item. The higher the version of Bluetooth that the headset uses, the better. So the phone will consume less energy to stay connected to the smartphone and the transfer of music will be faster and without loss of quality. Generally, we find headphones with Bluetooth 4.1 or 4.2.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headsets for All Purposes

Well, since you already know everything you need to know to buy a good Bluetooth headset, now we are going to present you a list with the 10 best models for sale on the market. Read carefully and choose the one that meets all your listening needs.

Motorola Bluetooth Headset HK 115: Best For executives, entrepreneurs, and lawyers

And opening our Top 10 of the best Bluetooth headsets, we start with one of the monaural types. This is the Motorola HK 115! Its design is very sober and serious. Your only function is a conversation, that is, answering phone calls and allowing you to talk to the person on the other end of the line.

You cannot play music on it. Therefore, the target audience of the Motorola HK 115 is executives, businessmen, lawyers, and anyone who needs this headset to answer calls while in busy places.

The internal battery has a long life span, reaching 8 and a half hours of use. It is compatible with the Android and iOS operating systems and even comes with a strap to attach to the ear, thus preventing it from falling for any reason. 

Another interesting detail is that it can connect to up to 2 devices at the same time. And its range is up to 91 meters! So, if you need a discreet phone to keep in touch with customers and employees, this is the ideal phone!

  • Range – 91 meters
  • Battery – 8.5 hours
  • Compatibility – Android and iOS
  • Type – Monaural
  • Driver – N / A
  • Frequency – N / A
  • Extra Functions – Built-in Microphone / Multipoint Technology
  • Impedance – N / A
  • Bluetooth version – N / A

JBL T110BT: Simple, cheap but competent

JBL is today one of the leading manufacturers of audio peripherals on the market. And it is not for nothing. The company really manages to make great products at an affordable price. See the T110BT phone case. It has a great cost-benefit ratio. It has a good audio quality and is in-ear type, meaning it fits in your ear canal. It comes with 3 different silicone tips.

The driver for this phone is 8.6 mm. It’s not big, but due to its size, it delivers a great sound! It also features Pure Bass technology, developed by JBL, which gives a greater emphasis on bass tones. It has 16 Ohms impedance, generating a good volume without distorting the frequencies.

In the cable that connects the two ends, we find the volume control and the microphone. The battery does not last long, according to the manufacturer, only 6 hours of use. 

But it is enough for an afternoon of work, for example. The Bluetooth version is 4.0, which is a bit old and has some interference in some situations. If you don’t want to spend a lot but are looking for a quality Bluetooth headset, the JBL T110BT is a good option.

  • Range – 10 meters
  • Battery – 6 hours
  • Compatibility – Android and iOS
  • Type – In-Ear
  • Driver – 8.6 mm
  • Frequency – 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz
  • Extra Functions – Built-in Microphone / Volume Control / Pure Bass
  • Impedance – 16 Ohms
  • Bluetooth version – 4.0

JBL Tune 205BT

Although the JBL T110BT headset is a great product, you may want something with higher quality. For that, we have the JBL Tune 205BT. It stands out for bringing larger drivers, with 12.5 mm. Which results in higher sound quality as well. The impedance is also higher, reaching 32 Ohms, and that means that it reaches higher volumes.

Another advantage over the previous topic’s phone is that its body is made of aluminum and, therefore, it has greater durability. The Bluetooth version is also more advanced, being 4.1.

All other functions in the previous handset are found in the JBL Tune 205BT, such as Pure Bass technology, microphone, volume controls, and in-ear design.

  • Range – 10 meters
  • Battery – 6 hours
  • Compatibility – Android and iOS
  • Type – In-Ear
  • Driver – 12.5 mm
  • Frequency – 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz
  • Extra Functions – Built-in Microphone / Volume Control / Pure Bass
  • Impedance – 32 Ohms
  • Bluetooth version – 4.1

Edifier W800BT: Very comfortable and with a long battery life

And in seventh position, we bring the first headset on our list! The Edifier W800BT. Due to its supra-auricular shape, this phone covers the entire ear and is much more comfortable to use for long periods, since the acoustic shells are padded.

However, its differential is battery life, which reaches an incredible 75 hours of duration! There are more than 3 days without having to recharge it!

In addition, the size of the driver influences the sound quality, as you already know. And here we have a 40 mm driver, which results in higher volumes. 

And speaking of volume, the impedance is 32 Ohms, similar to the JBL Tune 205BT phone. In addition, as a bonus, it still has an entry for the P2 cable, in case you want to use it with a cable. So, if you’re looking for a comfortable Bluetooth headset with a large battery, you’ve found the perfect headset!

  • Range – 10 meters
  • Battery – 75 hours
  • Compatibility – Android and iOS
  • Type – In-Ear
  • Driver – 40 mm
  • Frequency – 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz
  • Extra Functions – Built-in microphone / Volume and media control
  • Impedance – 32 Ohms
  • Bluetooth version – 4.0

JBL Reflect Contour 2: A headset made for athletes and practitioners of physical activity

Are you an athlete or physical activity practitioner and are looking for a phone that can keep up with you? Then it’s time to get to know JBL Reflect Contour 2! As positive points, we can say that it is very light. So, it won’t bother you when you’re exercising. In addition, it has a fixing hook that attaches to the ear, preventing it from falling even in the most intense movements.

However, its highlight is the resistance to water splash and sweat. That way, you can sweat at ease without worrying about damaging your headset. The battery has a battery life of 10 hours, which is great!

Finally, it has compatibility with Android and iOS, volume control, and media and reflective cables, which shine at night, bringing a little more security. And finally, the version of Bluetooth he uses is 4.2.

  • Range – 10 meters
  • Battery – 10 hours
  • Compatibility – Android and iOS
  • Type – In-Ear
  • Driver – 5.8 mm
  • Frequency – 10 Hz to 22,000 Hz
  • Extra Functions – Built-in microphone / Volume and media control / Resistance to dripping water and sweat
  • Impedance – 14 Ohms
  • Bluetooth version – 4.2

JBL E55BT: Noise cancellation is its main highlight

From the fifth position, we will start to focus on slightly more expensive Bluetooth headphones. This is the case with the JBL E55BT. Despite exceeding the $500 range, this headset delivers excellent sound quality combined with comfort. Its design is supra-auricular and therefore covers the entire ear. The shells are padded and super comfortable.

The highlight of this model is the noise cancellation function. If you don’t want to hear any noise from the environment around you, just activate the function to just enjoy your music. The battery also has a good autonomy, lasting 20 hours. 

It also offers a built-in microphone and an impedance of 32 Ohms, which means that it reaches good volume levels. It even comes with a detachable cable, in case you need to use it.

  • Range – 10 meters
  • Battery – 20 hours
  • Compatibility – Android and iOS
  • Type – In-Ear
  • Driver – 50 mm
  • Frequency – 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz
  • Extra Functions – Built-in microphone / Volume and media control / Noise cancellation
  • Impedance – 32 Ohms
  • Bluetooth version – 4.0

SONY WF-1000X: A beautiful, discreet and noise-canceling headset

The Sony WF-1000X has an in-ear design and is super discreet, elegant, and beautiful. Its oval shape fits well in the ear. The cool thing is that it comes with a case that also serves as a portable charger.

However, its main highlight is the noise cancellation, which manages to greatly reduce the noise of the environment, although not completely eliminate it.

The audio quality does not disappoint, the low and medium tones are very audible. although they can distort at higher volumes. The high tones are not reproduced with the same quality, however. 

The connection via Bluetooth is not as stable and, in the application settings, you must define that you prefer stability to the quality of the music. This is a little disappointing for a Sony phone, especially with its very high price.

In addition, if you want a discreet, beautiful, noise-canceling Bluetooth headset with a battery that lasts up to 3 hours of uninterrupted sound, we recommend the Sony WF-1000X.

  • Reach – Not informed
  • Battery – 3 hours
  • Compatibility – Android and iOS
  • Type – In-Ear
  • Driver – 6 mm
  • Frequency – 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz
  • Extra Functions – Built-in microphone / Volume and media control / Noise cancellation
  • Impedance – Not informed
  • Bluetooth version – 4.1

Everest Elite 750NC: It was once considered the best Bluetooth headset in the world!

Did you know that JBL’s Everest Elite 750NC was once considered the best Bluetooth headset in the world? Yeah! It uses JBL Pro Audio technology, which delivers remarkable sound quality, worthy of studios and concert halls. In addition, it has an adaptive noise cancellation. In other words, you choose how much noise you want to cancel through an exclusive application.

The battery is also an interesting highlight, as it lasts 15 hours of uninterrupted transmission. And it only takes 3 hours to go from 0% to 100%. It comes with a detachable 3.5mm cable, has a 40mm driver and its supra-auricular shape brings more comfort and convenience to the user. This is, for sure, a headset that you will not regret buying!

  • Range – 10 meters
  • Battery – 15 hours
  • Compatibility – Android and iOS
  • Type – In-Ear
  • Driver – 40 mm
  • Frequency – 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz
  • Extra Functions – Built-in microphone / Volume and media control / Noise cancellation
  • Impedance – 16
  • Bluetooth version – 4.1

SONY Headphone WH-1000XM2: A Product with extreme quality

Sony is also a well-known manufacturer in the audio industry for its quality products. And with the WH-1000XM2 it couldn’t be different. It has many sensational features! To start, let’s talk about the battery, which has a duration of 30 hours. It’s charging and leaving the house without worrying about the battery!

In addition, it has a noise cancellation system by Artificial Intelligence, which is much more efficient. Whether you want to be completely immersed in the music or the game, simply activate noise cancellation to avoid hearing any external noise. 

Another very interesting function is that it is able to regulate the atmospheric pressure in your ear. Do you know when you travel by plane and get that pain in your ear due to pressure? So, this phone takes care of that!

It does not stop there! HX technology provides high-resolution audio that does not distort sound waves, providing incredible fidelity in music. Its volume control, built-in microphone, voice control and is compatible with Android and iOS.

It has a high price, but without a doubt, this is one of the best headphones you can buy! No wonder he is in the second position.

  • Range – 10 meters
  • Battery – 30 hours
  • Compatibility – Android and iOS
  • Type – In-Ear
  • Driver – 40 mm
  • Frequency – 20 Hz to 40,000 Hz
  • Extra Functions – Built-in microphone / Volume and media control / Noise cancellation / Voice control / Pressure adjustment
  • Impedance – 46 Ohms
  • Bluetooth version – 4.1

APPLE AirPods Pro: It arrives with even more quality

And in the first position of our ranking is the brand new AirPods Pro, from Apple. For those who like Apple products, these headphones are indispensable. 

AirPods Pro has active noise cancellation, which provides an even more immersive sound experience, both in music and games. According to Apple itself, AirPods Pro measures ambient sound more than 200 times per second!

Its design is in-ear type, with silicone tips that provide a better seal of the ear canal. The battery is another positive point. It lasts about 4.5 hours of uninterrupted transmission. 

And the case that houses the headphones also serves to recharge them. According to the manufacturer, storing them for just 5 minutes is enough for a charge of 1 hour!

As expected, Apple AirPods Pro is only compatible with Apple devices, including Siri. So, if you have an Android phone, it is not interesting to purchase this phone.

  • Range – 10 meters
  • Battery – 4.5 hours
  • Compatibility – iOS and MacOS
  • Type – In-Ear
  • Driver – 12 mm
  • Frequency – 20 Hz to 40,000 Hz
  • Extra Functions – Built-in microphone / Volume and media control / Noise cancellation / Case with rechargeable battery
  • Impedance – Not informed
  • Bluetooth version – 5.0

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Certainly, after all the tips we gave above and the ranking with the 10 best Bluetooth headsets you can buy online, it is impossible to make a mistake on your next purchase!

We hope that your next Bluetooth headset is wonderful and meets all your expectations, providing you with moments of pleasure, whether listening to your favorite artists or immersing yourself in the worlds of games, movies, and series.