Wireless earbuds have really changed the way we used to interact with our electronic devices. Wireless buds are compact and easily fit in your ear canals to listen to your favorite music. Moreover, wireless earbuds use less power and connect easily with almost every device that is Bluetooth-enabled. But how do wireless earbuds sync with each other? This is what we are going to answer in this article

How Wireless Earbuds Works?

How Do Wireless Earbuds Connect to Each Other

The science behind the connectivity of the wireless earbuds is the same as the wireless headphones. To connect to your phone, the wireless earbuds receive the 2.4 GHz wavelength signal from your phone.

One the earbuds are connected, they send the signal back and forth to calculate how long it takes for a message to complete a round trip. Once the calculation is done, the wireless earbuds start transferring data.

In traditional wireless earbuds, the connectivity with external devices takes place simultaneously as both the earbuds are connected via wire to each other. However, in the case of true wireless earbuds, one earbud acts as the primary receiver and the other acts as a secondary receiver.

So, the primary earbud has more job to do at this point, it acts as a gateway between the connected device and secondary earbud. The battery of the primary earbud will drain faster as compared to the secondary earbud because of the extra work it has to deal with.

When the signal comes from the connected device, the primary earbud sends that signal to the secondary earbud, in the meantime, it will calculate the delay before playing the music. Once it is done, the music starts playing in both the ears.

Connectivity Barriers

There are some barriers that affect the performance of your true wireless earbuds. Here is what you can do to overcome these barriers.

Sometimes it happens that one of your wireless earbuds will play the music, and the other one might not. In this case, put the earbuds inside the charging case and press the power button on both of them to reset.

  • Now remove both the headphones from the charging case, and connect them again within 60 seconds.
  • Try another method to connect your wireless earbuds simultaneously at the same time. Take the earbuds out of the charging case. Tap on to the 5 to 6 times till you hear the ”Power off” voice command. Select ”Forget Device” to remove them from your device.
  • Now put your wireless earbuds back in the charging case, leave them for 20 seconds. Take your wireless earbuds out and let them connect automatically with your phone.