Are you looking for the top PeDiePie headphones for 2021?

Are you, by any chance, a fan of all that is PewDiePie and PewDiePie headphones? If yes, you are now counted as a member of the “Bro” Army, the group who love everything the PewDiePie presents on YouTube.

It is no secret that PewDiePie started as a COD YouTuber and sold hotdogs to support his YouTube channel. Just like many of his fellow YouTubers, his channel didn’t get much attention at the start.

Through patience and hard work, his efforts paid off in ways he never expected. He gained well over one million subscribers  and today, he is the #1 YouTuber in the world!

His videos now easily get over two million views in a matter of 24 hours without effort.

PewDiePie Headphones

It is a little-known fact that PewDiePie never hires an editor to edit his videos before he uploads them. He says he wants his videos to be kept real and show people how everything should be on YouTube.

When you see his videos on gaming walkthroughs and reviews,  you would have seen the crazy headphones he wears.

And if you are one of his “Bro” Army, we are sure you’re excited about the most talked-about PewDiePie Headphones.

Having trouble choosing? Then, worry no more! We present you 7 of the best PewDiePie Headphones, including the famous Razer Kraken Kitty

Craving for pink headphones? Or have you fallen in for the PewDiePie red headset? We got your back, guys!

What Type of Headphones Does PewDiePie Use?

There are a few questions you may have been asking for so long about what headphones PewDiePie uses.

Questions like: Does he use the latest models? Does he like those that have been around for awhile already? Are the headphones he uses really good? Do you get value for money, or are they all just hype?

We review the top PewDiePie Headphones in this article. It will help you to decide what headphones will get your final nod based on quality, and within your budget.

Available are the 33mm. ones for those with small ears, also the 40mm. for those with big ears; and color choices like red, black, green, pink or blue.

PewDiePie Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless Headset

pewdiepie headphones

Are you looking for PewDiePie headphones without the wires?

The PewDiePie Razer Nari Ultimate Headset may be the one.  Being wireless it allows you to immerse yourself in long hours of gaming without the stress on your ears.

They are good for any head, from size XL, XXL, to XXXL because they are equipped with an adjusting headband. Also, they conveniently adapt to the shape of your head for comfort and convenience. So far as weight goes, they are super lightweight, no more ear or headaches so you can enjoy your ultimate video gaming experience.

You can fully enjoy positional accuracy and in game immersion with the surround sound system of these headphones. This next-generation surround sound allows you to hear your enemies as they approach. This lets you to hear sound effects such as explosions, thunder, wind, and much more for that complete gaming adventure.

Gaming for many hours – no problem! The cushions are infused with cooling gels that are not only comfortable but keep ears, well, always cool. The sound is perfect for the superior comfort of a pro gamer.

The PewDiePie Razer Nari Ultimate Headset may be wireless but they also have a BT dongle that lets you get connected via wired connectivity and use a 3.5 mm. AUX cord. 

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Razer Kraken Tournament Edition Gaming Headset

pewdiepie razer

This PewDiePie gaming headset that comes with a 3.5mm AUX cable support AND an in line remote? The Razer Kraken gaming headset – tournament edition for professional gamers is what you may be looking for.

This headset has 50mm. custom tuned drivers which give ultimate comfort, is amazingly flexible to fit your head  easily and are safe. You get an in game audio sensation that is balanced and  PewDiePie used these headphones in many of his Youtube videos.

You get a fully retractable, unidirectional microphone that gives high quality audio communication so you can talk with other gamers.

The oval-shaped ear cushions are designed for full coverage of your ears for comfort during those long gaming sessions.

The high-quality Bauxite aluminum gives this headset unparalleled flexibility and longevity so you can enjoy it for years and years.

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Razer Kraken Ultimate USB 7.1 Gaming Headset

pewdiepie headset

This is another Razer headset that PewDiePie uses in his videos.

The headset is USB powered with unrivalled 40mm. drivers that block all unwanted sounds to give you perfectly balanced pitch, bass, and highs.

Extremely durable yet lightweight there is no unnecessary weight so you can wear it longer, thanks to its suspended headrest.

This Razer headset is equipped with virtual surround sound using the Razer Synapse. This provides you with a customized sound experience, 360 degree gaming, and enhanced audio clarity. You won’t end up getting killed by your enemy when you play your favorite video game.

It has deluxe leatherette cushions that swivel to give you the ultimate in comfort and sound isolation. It also features a flexible microphone that can be quickly detached if needed.

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Razer Kraken Kitty

razer kraken kitty

Lately, we have been seeing PewDiePie’s fans obsessing over headsets with kitty ears. These are the Kraken Kitty made by Razer.

Razer is the #1 best selling gaming accessories manufacturer in the USA.. The Razer Kraken Kitty features LED lighting for that awesome look and relaxing atmosphere while playing.

It also features the Razer Chroma lighting on the kitty ears plus the triple head snake logo on the sides. You can interact with your audience with emoticons and alerts using the Razer Streamer Companion app.

PewDiePie Kitty gaming headsets are equipped with surround sound speakers that provide a most natural listening experience. You can hear every footstep and detect every sneaking enemy before anybody else.

It also features a noise cancelation microphone that gets rid of any background noises you don’t want while you play. It retracts easily so you can get it out of the way quickly.

The cushions have gels to give you day long comfort for when you have to play for extended gaming sessions. No pain whatsoever on your head or ears.

Flexibility is the name of the game with these PewDiePie Headphones. You can have whatever style suits you, either the Razer Kraken Kitty or simple Kraken Edition. You can also go for only the headset  or get the Headset with RGB Stand for that amazing look.

Find out more about Razer Kraken Kitty by clicking here

Sennheiser Game Zero Gaming Headset

pewdiepie gaming headset

The Sennheiser Game Zero Gaming Headset is the PewDiePie gaming headset that he uses in one of his videos that has more than ten million views.

Sennheiser has been in this business for over 70 years so you know they are geniuses when it comes to pure innovation.

If you love traveling and gaming at the same time, this headset is perfect for you. It conveniently folds flat so it can slip in your pocket or lie it flat in your suitcase or drawer.

The split headband is aviation inspired. It features a 2-axis hinge mechanism plus adjustable contact pressure to provide an adjustable fit for different head sizes and shapes.

Its custom-made leatherette double-layered memory-foam earpads incorporate a closed-back design for maximum acoustic seal to block unwanted noise.

You get transducer technology that lets you hear every detail while you are pulverizing your enemies or playing your other video games. It is equipped with a boom microphone that flips to mute – meaning you only need to raise the boom to mute it.

There is a volume control button located on the right ear cup and also includes two cables for multiple platform flexibility.

If you’re a video tournament gamer, we strongly recommend this headset. It has been designed by Sennheiser for professional gamers.  If you want a superior gaming experience with long term and enhanced sound performance, this is the one for you.

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Corsair Virtuoso Wireless 7.1 Gaming Headset

headset pewdiepie

The Corsair Virtuoso Wireless 7.1 Gaming Headset is another headset PewDiePie used in one of his most-watched videos.

This gaming headset boasts of 50mm. drivers, and if you want one for big heads, you found it.

You get a 7.1 surround sound system and optimized HRTF positional audio. This gives excellent audio quality needed by gamers to triumph over their enemies, in their game, of course. You can enjoy an immersive and realistic gaming environment with this headset.

It has microfiber-covered memory foam earpads plus a padded headband so you can play comfortably for hours.

Its battery life can last for almost 10 hours with one single charge. You do not have charge these headphones constantly. You know it will go the distance.

And, in case you do run the battery out, you can use this headset even while charging.

These headphones are connected so long as you are within the 40-feet range. You can also get connected by using a USB cable. Do you use it cabled or wireless? The Corsair Virtuoso is a great choice for PRO gamers who need superior surround sound.

A 2 year warranty and the outstanding Corsair quality will make your gaming more satisfying and you gain a tactical advantage, as well.

It is considered to be close to the best closed back headphones available in the market today.

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Razer Kraken Ultralight USB Gaming Headset

pewdiepie gaming headphones

The Razer Kraken Ultralight USB Gaming Headset offers an exceptional gaming experience. PewDiePie used this one in his video together with his beloved puppy.

It features a 3.5 mm. combined audio jack, weighs 315 g., and has a 1.3 m. long cable. The 3.5 mm. audio jack is compatible with any device so you can use this headset across various devices.

This PewDiePie headset boasts of detachable cable but also  has an in line microphone with volume adjustability. It has a 3-button remote so you can receive or reject calls, play or pause your audio or video or skip tracks.

It is designed with a foldable ear cup, compatible with an iPad, iPhone, or any other iOS-based device, and is available in green, red and orange. Talk about flexibility!

The extra-large full ear coverage cushions are ultra-comfortable, and allow you to enjoy an immersive gaming experience. The stunning neon color choices will catch anyone’s discriminating eye.

Are you after the deep bass sounds or the powerful lows? Whether you are gaming or chilling to some favorite music, there are neodymium drivers housed in these headphones that will give you what you want.

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Final Words on PewDiePie Headphones

PewDiePie is one of the most popular YouTube personalities with more than 107 million subscribers. His videos so anticipated that once he uploads a new video, it only takes 12 hours for it to get over 2 million views.

He is known to use high-quality products in his videos, and headphones are one of them. If you are anything like him, you would use nothing less than the best, not only in product quality but in products that offer superb value for money, too.

PewDiePie Headphones are an investment in exceptional sound quality, surround sound experience, remarkable comfort, and proven durability.

We have been lucky to have used many of these PewDiePie headphones and you can be sure of a fantastic listening experience.

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