With Zoom calls replacing actual office meetings, you need the best headset with a microphone to keep you rolling. In today’s time, a good wireless headset makes an important part of the modern office.

A headset with a quality microphone promotes clear and productive communication. It delivers high-quality audio output compared to your laptop, computer, or mobile device. It will isolate your voice and make it clearer to the other person on the call. This feature comes in handy, especially when you are working in a noisy environment.

If you are looking for the best wireless headset with microphone for laptop, you are in the right place. To save you time and effort, we have done the heavy lifting for you. In this post, we are going to give you a brief overview of some of the best wireless headsets with microphones. So if you are planning to get new ones, you should give this article a read.

Best Wireless Headset With Microphone Reviews 2021

Here is a curated list of the best wireless headset with microphones.

#1. ANGTEELA Wireless Headset with Microphone Trucker Bluetooth Headset

Best Wireless Headset With Microphone

For crystal clear audio output, Angteela Wireless Headset with Microphone makes the best choice. If you want a light and comfortable headset with great sound quality, then this could be the one for you. It comes with a light and stretchable headband that can be customized to fit perfectly. It has earmuffs made of soft and breathable protein skin leather for extra comfort.

Angteela Wireless Headset is not only comfortable but is also equipped with many great features. To start with it has an advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology that provides a fast paring and stable connection with all your Bluetooth-enabled devices within 33 feet.

Another interesting feature is the multifunction button that can be used to answer calls, activate Siri, and volume up. It also has a mute function that allows for private conversations. But the best about this headset has to be the battery backup. It gives you a long-lasting battery life of up to 15 hours, so you don’t have to charge your headphones frequently.

The advanced noise-canceling technology isolates your voice from the surrounding noise, so you can stay focused on what you want. The headset carries a 270° flexible mic for better voice capture and background noise reduction. Overall, this is a pretty great headset with all the right features that you would need.

  • Comfortable to use
  • Advanced noise cancelling technology
  • 270 degree flexible mic
  • Customised fit
  • Lightweight
  • None to mention

#2. TECKNET Bluetooth Trucker Headset with Microphone

Wireless Headset With Microphone

Tecknet Bluetooth Headset is packed with features that will simply blow your mind. There’s no doubt that this headset is designed to keep the needs of users in mind. It is a comfortable headset with an adjustable headband that fits any head shape. It is accompanied by a soft ear pad and anti-slip pad that helps keep the headset in place.

It features a unique construction that makes it both attractive and durable. Taking hand-free calls becomes much easier when you are using the Tecknet Bluetooth Headset. It gives you impeccable sound clarity even in noisy environments. Thanks to the AI noise-canceling technology that makes it possible.

One of the major concerns regarding wireless headphones is their battery life. But with this headset, you don’t have to worry about charging it twice a day. It comes with 32 hours of battery backup which is enough to make you last for more than a day.

Another notable feature is the 270-degree rotatable microphone. It can freely adjust to the perfect angle to capture your voice clearer and louder. Due to the reversible design, you can place the earphone on either your right or left ear. For convenience, the Tecknet Bluetooth Headset is also equipped with easy controls that make answering calls easier. You can activate the mute function with just a single click. Last but not the least, it is compatible with a wide range of devices such as laptops, computers, kindle fire, and more.

  • Adjustable headband

  • 32 hours of battery backup

  • Easy controls

  • High compatibility

  • Expensive

#3. PLANTRONICS – Voyager Focus UC with Charge Stand

Wireless Headset With Microphone

With a 4.5 star rating, this is one of the best wireless headphones you will come across on the market. Plantronics Voyager Focus UC Bluetooth Headset has all the features that you would want in your headset. It enables you to focus more on your conversation, while it reduces background noises.

This amazing wireless headset can be used with a large number of devices. From laptops to PC to tablets, you can use any device you want. Given the features of this headset, it makes it a suitable option for both work and entertainment. It is equipped with advanced noise-canceling technology that enables you to hear conversation even in busy and noisy environments.

It is equipped with smart sensors that answer calls, simply when you put on the headset. You can mute it by just take off the headset. Other interesting features include enhanced voice alerts for mute, announce caller ID, connection status, and, talk time level. The dynamic mute alert feature senses and alerts you when you try to talk when muted.

With this headset, you can enjoy a great audio output on both sides of the call. It has a high-quality stereo design an immersive audio experience and a hi-fi stereo sound. Besides all the useful functions and features, the headset is also comfortable to wear. It comes with a cushioned metal headband that provides durability while giving you a secure fit.

  • Great audio output

  • Durable

  • Voice alerts

  • Stereo design

  • Feels a bit heavy

#4. JABRA Evolve 65 MS Wireless Headset

Wireless Headset With Microphone

Next, up, we have the Jabra Evolve 65 MS Wireless Headset. If you are looking for the best wireless headset with microphone for laptop, then this could be the one for you. This headset is built for style and comfort. It comes with leatherette ear cushions to make it more comfortable to wear.

This headset is designed to help you concentrate on your conversations. It is equipped with premium noise cancellation technology that helps you to work even in a noisy setting. It effectively creates a concentration zone around you to help you stay focused.

This wireless design of the headset allows you to use it with ease. The Bluetooth technology gives provides 30 meters of hands-free connectivity. Unlike many other headphones, you can use this one with a wide range of devices Bluetooth-enabled devices. This includes laptops, smartphones, tablets, PC, and more.

As far as the battery life is concerned, it lasts for about 10 hours which is decent enough for a headphone within price range. With the NFC feature, you can simply tap to connect devices. Dual connectivity helps you to connect your headset with two Bluetooth devices at the same time. Last but not the least, the microphone boom arm can be integrated into the headband when not on a call.

  • Dual connectivity

  • Leatherette ear cushions

  • Good noise cancellation

  • Easy to use

  • Average battery life

#5. YAMAY Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Microphone

Wireless Headset With Microphone

If you are looking for a high-quality Bluetooth headset with a microphone, then Yamay Wireless Headset could be a great choice for you. It is designed for all-day comfort, so you can wear it for long hours without feeling any discomfort. The adjustable headband provides a perfect fit and prevents the headset from moving from its place.

It comes with the newest noise-canceling technology that helps block the noise from the surround, so you can listen to the conversations. One of the best and unique features of this headset is that it can connect with 2 Bluetooth devices at one time. This allows you to switch the usage of the headset from one device to another easily.

The easy controls on the headset make it more convenient to use it. You can activate the mute functions with just a single press of a button. It should be reminded that the mute function only works for calls on smartphones.

The headset is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It is designed with skin-friendly soft ear pads and a flexible headband. You can pair it with most Bluetooth-enabled devices. Last but not the least, it offers up to 19 hours of battery backup on a single charge.

  • Lightweight

  • Dual connectivity

  • Easy controls

  • Perfect fit

  • Takes two hours to charge

Best Wireless Headset With Microphone : Buying Guide

When buying a wireless headset with a microphone, you must look for the following features.


Getting a headset with advanced noise-canceling technology ensures crystal clear sound even when there is a lot of background noise. It cancels out the background noises, so you can focus on your conversation.

Comfort and fit

If you are going to use your headset for long hours, you better go for a model that is designed for all-day comfort. Headsets with adjustable headbands and padded earmuffs are the best. They are comfortable to wear and also give you the perfect fit.

Sound quality

The whole purpose of getting a headphone is to enjoy clear and loud voice. Before you get the headset home make sure that it has a good audio output.

Bluetooth range

Since you are buying a wireless headset, you must check the Bluetooth range before buying it. Most Bluetooth headphones offer a coverage area of 30 meters.

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Battery life

If you don’t want to charge your headset frequently, then you should get a model that offers more than 10 hours of battery backup. This will save you all the hassles.


With the best wireless headset with microphone for laptop, you can enjoy clear clarity sound even while working from a busy background. We have included all top-rated and branded headphones, so you can get yourself a quality headset. These headphones are suitable for work calls, entertainment, and even gaming.