So what are the best over ear headphones for working out?

We all want to get the motivational benefits of listening to music when we hit the Gym. Or do you want to get rid of distracting noises while you exercise? If yes, then go no further. Today, we’ll be discussing the best over the ear headphones for the gym.

As you guys might already know, wireless headphones work with radio waves instead of wires to connect with your phone. This way, you can easily work out and listen to your favourite loud music with excellent sound quality and without the irritation of wires. The headphones can be connected to multiple devices at a single time.

There are plenty of over the ear headphones present on the market. But are these workout headphones good enough to allow you to jump, squat, and crunch without becoming loose?

We will take a look at the best workout headphone available on the market today. All of them are reliable and not just that, we will discuss their pricing, key features and possible drawbacks.

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Our recommendations for the Best Over Ear Workout Headphones

There are loads and loads of companies out there making wireless headphones with many different features. Today, we’ll be talking about the best workout headphones you can get. So without further Ado, let’s get started.


Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH700N  

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH700N: Wireless Bluetooth Over The Ear Headset with Mic for Phone-Call and Alexa Voice Control (Black)


The first one on our list is Sony WHCH 700N over ear headphones which are designed by the famous and leading electronics brand, Sony. These over the ear headphones come in 3 colors, blue, grey and black. They have a number of features and specifications like longer battery life and also include the amazing feature of digital noise cancellation.

These noise canceling headphones block any external ambient noise, making it easier for you to listen to whatever you’re playing.

Also, these over ear headphones are completely wireless and can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth. This way it’s easier for people to work out and play their favorite songs without any irritation of wires.

Key Features

  • Over Ear Headphones
  • Digital Noise Canceling
  • Long battery life lasts up to 35 hours
  • Comes with Alexa Voice assistants
  • Connect easily via Bluetooth
  • Takes only 6-7 hours to fully charge
  • Comes with a massive frequency range of 2.4 Hertz
  • Call easily with a built-in microphone.
  • 40mm Dome Drivers to let you hear everything.
  • Great sound quality


  • Budget friendly headphones
  • Amazing Sound Quality
  • Lightweight
  • Offers secure fit
  • Comes in 3 colors
  • Can be controlled via Alexa


  • Some users might find it complicated to use at first.


JBL Live 660NC

JBL Live 660NC - Wireless Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones with Long Lasting Battery and Voice Assistant - Blue

On the second spot, we have JBL Live660NCover the ear headphones. As the name suggests, the headphones are developed by the well-known company ‘JBL’ and have a number of incredible features.

Did you know that JBL stands for James B. Lansing? He was the man that started the company.

Anyway, these over ear headphones are budget friendly and with better sound quality than most more expensive brands.

Not just that, it comes with the amazing feature of being moisture resistant. We all sweat crazily while working out, right? Whilst they aren’t quite waterproof headphones they are designed to be moisture resistant which prevents them from getting harmed by moisture.

These are noise canceling headphones but sometimes you do need to hear when you jump, squat or crunch! Touch controls on sport headphones make it easy to listen to loud music. So, another great feature is that it comes with a multi-functional TALKthru button so you can drop the volume of the music down to talk and listen.

Key Features for these workout headphones

  • Over ear headphones
  • Moisture Resistant over ear headphones
  • Long battery life of 16 hours
  • Great noise canceling
  • Can be connected via Bluetooth
  • More budget friendly compared to other headphones
  • TALK THRU button that makes the device easier to use.
  • Oversized buttons for easy access to settings.
  • Speed charge feature for lightning-fast charging
  • Amazing sound quality headphones
  • good sound quality


  • Comes with fast wireless charging
  • Can be controlled via SIRI and Google Now.
  • Moisture Resistant.


  • Comes in one colour



Beats Studio3

Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones - Apple W1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth, 22 Hours of Listening Time, Built-in Microphone - Matte Black (Latest Model)


The next one on our list is the Beats Studio 3 which is another great option for one of the best workout headphones. It is manufactured by a leading headphone brand, known as BeatsByDre.

The product comes in a range of colors and has an active noise cancelling feature. This way, it’ll block any background noise and it won’t distract you. It comes with a massive 22 hours of battery life which is huge.

Another amazing and fun feature of these workout headphones is that It is also possible for you to use Siri which makes them very easy to control. You can receive/ end calls from the headphones and forward/play/stop music without any hassle.

These Beats headphones seem like a lifesaver providing you with a huge battery life and all these incredible features you would want on good workout headphones.

Key Features

  • Over ear headphones
  • Best For Noise Cancellation
  • comes with huge 22 hours of battery life
  • Supports Spatial Audio
  • Works with both Apple and Android devices
  • Connectable via Bluetooth
  • Great sound quality
  • Powered By Apple


  • A variety of colors available
  • Warranty is offered
  • Can work on both iOS and Android devices
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Good sound quality
  • background noise cancelling headphones


  • Might be hard to use for beginners.
  • Expensive compared to other over ear headphones

iJoy Matte Finish Bluetooth Headphones

iJoy Matte Finish Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless Over-Ear Foldable Headset with Built-in Microphone, FM, Micro SD Card Slot (RGD)


The second-last spot on our article is Ijoy Matte Rechargeable Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones manufactured by IJOY. These workout headphones come in a total of 8 colors. They also have a built-in FM radio so you can listen to the news while you work out.

It has 8 hours of battery life which is a better battery life than most others around the same price of the product.

Another feature of these over ear headphones is the soft ear pads. They really are quite comfortable for you to wear.

Active noise cancellation blocks any external noise, including wind noise if you are using these as running headphones.

Enjoy whatever your listening to without any external irritating sound!

Key Features

  • Over ear headphones
  • Offers 6 colors to choose from
  • eight hours of battery life
  • Soft ear pads for comfort
  • Big buttons to make the control easy
  • Budget friendly headphones


  • economical choice
  • Good sound quality
  • Secure fit


  • There aren’t really any cons


TREBLAB Z2 | Over Ear Workout Headphones with Microphone | Bluetooth 5.0, Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) | Up to 35H Battery Life | Wireless Headphones for Sport, Workout, Running, Gym (Black)


TREBLAB Z2 | Over Ear Workout Headphones with Microphone | Bluetooth 5.0, Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) | Up to 35H Battery Life | Wireless Headphones for Sport, Workout, Running, Gym (Black)

Last but not least, we have Treblab Z2, one of the best workout headphones for the gym or any kind of sport

These sports headphones have a great number of incredible features. It has a playtime of up to 35 hours which means you don’t have to worry about charging them all the time.

These over ear headphones also have a very stylish design and come in 2 colors. Not just that, they are water resistant and sweat proof which is a huge plus point if you are looking for running headphones.

The wireless charging is absolutely excellent and very quick. Also, it is compatible with both iOS and android devices and also has an option to connect to Siri. Another fun feature is that it can be connected via Siri and Google Assistant.

Key Features

  • Over ear headphones
  • Most budget friendly
  • Charging time is only 3 hours
  • The built in microphone allows easy answer phone calls
  • Comes with 1-year warranty
  • Multiple colors are available


  • Budget Friendly Headphone
  • Excellent sound quality
  • 8 hours of battery life


  • Hard ear pads
  • Noise cancellation is not that great as you can still hear ambient noise


How do you choose the best over the ear headphones for working out?

Firstly, choose the one that has the features you want and that suits your budget. Is battery life important? Do you want a particular brand or style?

Most of these workout headphones are noise canceling headphones to get you into the workout zone. Do you want to push a button to reduce the level of sound to talk?

Make sure you go through all the pros and cons and then decide which one you like the most!