We all face this problem where the earbud is being quiet or at times one earbud is quieter than the next perhaps when it is a wireless headphone or earphone. Why is my left earbud quieter than the right? The query scrolls in mind but we could not access to its technical answer. 


Reasons for the issue can be many but some pretty common rationales are subsequently discussed here. 

They are:

  • Audible troubles: sometimes it happens that left ear listening potency becomes slighter than right one. If a person is facing some trouble with multiple earbuds than it is a true rationale on the back.
  • Ear wax cleaning: it happens because of availing the earbuds for a long span most probably the earbuds will get filthy which causes the sound grid to be filled with wax which is acting as a hurdle to the sound from being coming out perfectly.
  • Plug adjustments: this sometimes happens that we feel noises or headphones sound rough and this is due to the disturbance in the connection between the headphone plug and the mobile or device entrance because either of the poor quality of the headphone makes or because of availing it many times during a long period at a stretch. So this also happens while putting the mobile phone inside a pocket and the socket might have some dust or kind of cotton particles that hide inside the socket.
  • Audio files incompatibility: the audio that is in performance might be encoded with a less volume so no matter how much volume you are raising, it will remain relatively low to the user’s ears and come in the imbalanced form on both ears.


Why is my left earbud quieter than the right? Let’s talk about way outs one by one.

They are:

  • Fixing audible issues: if it’s justified that you are facing trouble with multiple earbuds always on your left side then for sure you need to fix the audible issues of the ear.
  • Cleaning ears and earbuds: ear wax is a natural creation. We all get it in ears. No doubt, we keep on cleaning the ears on regular intervals but it is also true that excessive use of earbuds can increase the production of ear wax. It’s better to increase the cleaning sessions of ears properly. Earbuds also suck in wax via gauze of it. So one needs to do it’s cleaning with wet tissue as much as he/she is availing the earbuds.
  • Plug fixing: make sure that the plug you are using to put in the connection piece of equipment is compatible. At times, one may use incompatible plugs that may not be powerful to produce a high level of sound in earbuds. iOS users especially need to make sure compatibility as these devices have less tendency towards all earbuds.
  • Audio file setting: one also need to make sure about audio file settings as general settings are but always responsive. One needs to go deep in settings to get better outcomes. Sound Hi/Low button also needs awareness and restarts to get equal sound in both ears.
  • Settings advance adjustments: for further settings, Go To Settings>General>Accessibility, you may find a mono slider that needs to be towards left additional than right.