Today we analyze the headphones of the HyperX line called Cloud Alpha to find out if even with this model Kingston confirms the quality of its products.

Whether it’s a PC or console, gaming headsets are now an inevitable piece for anyone who loves playing online and non-video games, and Kingston has been among the market leaders for years thanks to the unbeatable quality / price ratio that distinguishes its line.

The Cloud line has debuted the box office since its debut, thanks to its unique look, the comfortable memory foam pavilions and the sound quality, always well marked while maintaining the various distinct tones and with the Cloud Alpha, HyperX reaches a new level with audio quality thanks to the double chamber pavilion system which I will talk about shortly.

Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha Specifications


HyperX Cloud Alpha Design

As in previous models of the Cloud series, the physical architecture of the headphones is very comfortable. Their design makes them ergonomic and, thanks to the exclusive Memory material, a particular polyurethane foam that tends to adapt to the shape of the surface with which it comes into contact, used in the HyperX, the headphones seem to adapt to our head perfectly, so they are extremely comfortable and soft.

The Cloud Alpha weighs 336g , certainly not the lightest headphones on the market, as most quality headsets are not. Thanks to the generous pavilions and the convenient connection headband, HyperX manages to distribute the weight well and not to ruin the general comfort of the headphones.

The material of the headband and its flexibility make these headphones adaptable to any person, so you shouldn’t have any problems in this regard regardless of the size of your head. In addition, the material used for this part of the headphones is aluminum which makes the headphones resistant.

The bright red aluminum finish positioned between the headband and the earphones, as well as being an elegant detail in the design, makes them more resistant to falls and prolonged use. So you can rest assured that they won’t break as easily as other cheaper models.

The headphones have an external finish that makes them pleasant to the touch and elegant to the eye and, thanks to the quality of the materials used, they resist scratches and accidental falls from medium height.

Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha

HyperX Cloud Alpha Compatibility

The Cloud Alpha are multi-platform headphones, because not only can they be used as headphones to talk and play with PS4 and Xbox PCs , but we can also use them to listen to all types of content from any device with a 3.5mm input such as even the smartphone.

The Cloud Alpha headphones are equipped with a braided cable with volume control and a microphone with a 3.5 mm output. The cable is removable so you can take them with you in your backpack without damaging it, even the microphone is removable and everything enters its fabric bag supplied for transport or simply to store them after use.

The cable is 1.3 m long with 3.5mm output , in addition to the main cable, as in other Cloud models, we find a 2 m extension with splitter to have separate audio input and microphone output connectors to be used on the PC.

When using the dual cable, this does not connect directly to the headphones, but is an extension of the main cable, so you will have an even longer length.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Headset for Gaming

When it comes to sounds, Cloud Alpha stand out for clarity and balance, thanks to the innovative double chamber system with which its pavilions have been designed. By means of this system, low frequencies can be separated from high and medium frequencies, which offers a sound with a lower level of distortion and greater fidelity.

The lows, as often happens in gaming headsets, are more marked than the highs and mids. This usually happens because the basses are the tones of the explosions and guarantee a greater immersion in the game, however in this case they are not too invasive and do not go to cover or spoil the other tones in a marked way.

When the HyperX were tested in the game, the bass sounds of the explosions were well marked and incisive giving a good immersion in the game, without interrupting the sounds of the bullets characterized by medium and high sounds. Although the headphones were not compatible with dolby surround 7.1, we were able to distinguish and predict the distance of the enemies in the games and their position with good precision.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Music

During music playback the sound of the Cloud Alpha is clear and loud. Thanks to the HyperX dual-chamber speakers, sound distortion is avoided and better sound quality is obtained even in the music field.

The earphones are not powerful enough for the sound to escape from the headphones, but their sound is exceptional, the clarity of detail is evident without any problem. With the minimum volume, the audio is clearly appreciated, and as we increase the volume, we notice a cleaner and louder sound, but never distorted.

Where the great audio balance becomes more evident , it is when we are faced with serious constants , which will resonate in your head making you notice an exceptional level of rhythm and cadence, without neglecting the quality.

On the contrary, the highs are a bit weak and, although they remain appreciable, they are not as punctual as the lows.
This sound system is more inclined to make you hear the sound effects of video games rather than to make you appreciate all the tones of your favorite music, given the price, the quality of the music reproduction is more than good.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Microphone

The microphone of the Cloud Alpha is very comfortable and can also be removed to facilitate transport and to be able to use the headphones even in public without having to wear a microphone on the bus, it also has the particularity of having a flexible arm to position it wherever you want, and use the noise cancellation technology for better sound.

The noise canceling function is excellent,  the keys of the mechanical keyboard cannot make their way through teamspeak (you will have played with someone who seems to have a wooden keyboard, right? If your playmate hasn’t changed headphones yet, Cloud Alpha recommended ). With Alpha, there will be no need to get too close to make yourself heard clearly or shout for good audio input.

  • Excellent in-game audio
  • Very comfortable
  • Good value for money
  • Not very light
  • Music playback can be improved

HyperX Cloud Alpha Review

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HyperX Cloud Alpha are an excellent expression of many of the key values ​​of the Kingston brand. This set of headphones stands out for its affordable price, but which gives the comfort and sound quality worthy of high end models.

From this model to studio headphones, the jump is less than what an average user could imagine. We emphasize once again the double chamber system which, most likely, will convert to the new standard and future technology.

As for music reproduction, although good, we cannot say that it is at the level of professional headphones.