Have you become a person addicted to running and are you looking for the best headphones for running in 2020 on the market? The decision, although it may seem simple, is not at all.

There are currently a large number of options on the market, from wired models to wireless ones and, as you can imagine, there is also a big difference in brands, models and prices.

So, the question becomes mandatory:  what are the best headphones for running?  We have the keys and we show them below:

Best Running Headphones in 2020 to Buy

And it is that the advantages of wireless headphones are summarized, directly, in one: the fact of forgetting the cables is already more than enough reason to decide for them.

The freedom of movement when sports is very necessary. In fact, with these sports headphones you can not only run quietly, you can also use them comfortably in the gym without having to carry the mobile attached to you.

It is true that you also have the option of buying wired headphones , its price is really much cheaper and, once you get used to them, they can be just as comfortable for you.

When it comes to running or going to the gym, in case you prefer cables, we always recommend ear headphones. Even so, if they are the first headphones you buy, it is much better that you opt for the wireless.

How do wireless headphones work for running? Well, they do it with bluetooth technology, that is, you connect the headphones to the mobile phone via bluetooth and that’s it. You can listen to music to run without the hassle of the wires winding every three seconds.

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The Best Bluetooth Running Headphones 2020

Do you want to know which are the best bluetooth headset models on the market? This is the comparative table we have prepared after analyzing Amazon running headphones:

Plantronics BackBeat Fit

best headphones for running 2019

It is one of the best headband headphones for running that exist.

Their main advantage is that they are very light and do not take up too much. That is, you will not even notice that you are wearing them.

In addition, they are fully flexible and their battery lasts up to 8 hours .

Another of its strengths is that if you notice that the bluetooth connection is lost, they automatically turn off to reserve power.

If that were not enough, in just 15 minutes carg to have up to 1 hour of autonomy. Enough for a quick workout. 

Jabra Sport Pulse

These wireless sports headphones include a heart rate monitor that allows you to measure your heart rate during training. How do they do that? With an intra auricular heart rate monitor that records your heart rate from the inner ear.

In addition, they have a super light weight , have their own application to listen to music, resist sweat and rain and have an autonomy that reaches up to 5 hours.

Jaybird X3

They are, for us, the best sports headphones that exist.

They are in-ear headphones but they also include endless adapters and pads so you can be sure that they will come great. They are ultra light and a total of 8 hours of battery per charge. In fact, with just 20 minutes we will have a total of one hour of use.

Up to a total of 8 Bluetooth devices can be paired and the sound quality is spectacular .

Like the others, they also perfectly withstand sweat and moisture. Finally, you should know that you can find them in various colors.

Cheap Running Headphones 2020

Did you just start with your hobby and looking for something simpler? We also give you some option so you can get them without losing quality.

Mpow Cheetah

For less than 40$ you can find these sports headphones, so it is not surprising that they are super sales .

They are very light and are finished in silicone. They are placed behind the neck and ear. Therefore, it is very difficult for them to fall.

They work on both iPhone and Android and their battery reaches 8 hours (so it’s not bad at all).

They have playback control and the micro USB is fully protected . so, you won’t have to worry about sweat either. As you can see, for less than 20 euros, its characteristics are very good.

SoundPeats Q12

Finally, we talk about these headphones that you can find for less than 50$.

They have stabilizers of various sizes to hold on the ear .

They have magnetic hook to keep them comfortably and to make sure they stay completely off. The control buttons are on the cable and the battery can last between 5 and 6 hours in continuous playback.

Important Factors When Buying Wireless Running Headphones

We give you some basic tips when it comes to finding only the best running headphones:

Sound quality

First, as you can imagine, you will have to take into account the sound quality .

There is no use of headphones that, when going out, do not allow listening to music if there is much fuss around.So, that’s the fundamental point: noise cancellation.

Cables or not

As we have already mentioned, the fact that they carry or do not carry cable is also important.

In this case we have talked about headphones with headband, but as you know, there are also those that directly put on the ear, such as those offered by Apple.

The counter? That wireless Apple headphones are more expensive. Even so, you decide.


When buying them, design is also important. The best thing is that you can find in many colors, from the most striking, to the most neutral.

This decision is very personal. Of course, think that if the color is neutral, it is possible that you can also use them in your day to day without problems.


And finally, obviously, you have to consider the price.

You have already seen that there are cheap headphones for running and, others, that do not exceed 100 euros but that do have a higher price.

Be that as it may, you should keep in mind that it is what you want and need before buying it.