A headphone especially for kids are designed for the small listeners, taking into account the small ears. Thanks to the volume limiter, your kids will never suffer hearing loss, no matter how much they are playing with the volume button. Turn it on and you will no longer have a child on them! And you don’t hear any annoying sounds from the kids programs they watch. The kids headphones wireless are available in different colors or can be made beautiful yourself with sets of stickers supplied.


what are the best headphones for kids

Features and Specs

Product typeHeadphones
Wearing methodOn ear
Use forkids
Frequency range20 Hz – 20 kHz
Battery time (in hours)12
Cable length (in cm)100
Weight (in grams)113


The legendary JBL sound is packed in a safe headphone for kids in the JBL JR300BT. This means that the volume cannot exceed 85 decibels. This makes the headphones even safe for the youngest music fans. The headphones are safe, light and large for children, with a comfortable fit.

In addition, the headphones are wireless, so they do not get caught in cables and can keep moving. Want to know more about this JBL JR300BT especially for kids? Then read what else the headset has.

Safe for Kids

Kids sometimes do not understand so well that they have to be careful with electronics. With headphones, the cord is often the first to suffer. That is why this JBL JR300BT is nice and wireless! They cannot get entangled in the cables and therefore listen even more safely. Thanks to the volume limiter, the kids cannot get the sound higher than 85 dB.

In this way their hearing is protected, because once damaged, it will not return. That is why it is very important to give children a good children’s headset.


Kids play and exercise a lot. That’s why you want headphones that can handle all of that. With the JBL JR300BT you get the right one. The headphones are wireless, giving the kids freedom of movement. They can be up to 15 meters from the source!

The operation of the headphones is very simple, so no help from an adult is needed. The battery lasts up to 12 hours, so plenty of listening pleasure.


The JBL JR300BT prevents the children from getting bothered while listening. The headband is softly padded and also adjustable, so that it always fits perfectly. The headphones are also foldable, so it can go anywhere. Also nice and handy in the car or train!

Best Headphones for Kids to Buy

Below we have shared more detail.

Trust Sonin Kids Headphone

kids headphones

Features and Specs

Height18.2 cm
Depth7.3 cm
Width16.4 cm
Weight in grams172
Wearing headphonesheadband
Ear cushion typeOver ear
Sound reproductionStereo
Volume control cableyes
Impedance32 ohm


Let your kids listen to music in a safe way with the Trust Sonin Kids headphones. This headphone is suitable for children from 4 years. Due to the limited volume of 85 decibels, the chance of hearing damage is minimal. That is so safe for the little ones. You can adjust the volume even further via the volume control in the cable. Easily adjust the headband to size.

The strap and ear cushions are soft and lightweight. This makes wearing the headphones comfortable for children.

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